Graphics Design

Logo Designs

Designing a logo can be fun, exciting and full of challenges.  The designer needs to understand your business and make the design easily accessible for all of your marketing requirements.  Log designers use a variety of techniques to create your design, these do not need to be complicated or flashy, the majority of recognisable logos are simple and easily recognised.  There are a number of free logo design services, but we recommend that you use the services of a professional graphic artist to ensure that your design meets all of the elements required for your business.   We can put you in touch with our partners in graphic design.


A good logo is distinctive, appropriate and practical and should convey the message of the business.  A great logo should be a great concept and great execution, and should be able to be printed in any size and be effective without colour. Will your logo be effective if it is printed:

  • In one colour,
  • In reverse Colour
  • The size of a stamp
  • The size of a billboard
  • Will your logo be timeless or become old fashioned within a few years.  Less is more!
  • Stay professional.  Don’t do cute, Check your style of print and font.  Block letters can be difficult to read.