Many ecommerce solutions are available, and a professional, easy to use ecommerce web design is the key to creating a successful online business.   Your website is your salesperson and needs to communicate effectively.  Shopping carts need to be well organised, easy to use and of course great design, as well as being viewed and usable on mobile devices.  Ecommerce websites also give the seller the opportunity to service a wider audience then they would on a high street. 

However as more people use the internet to buy the competition is becoming fierce. It is important to grab the attention of the consumer and convince them you are the one to buy from. 

Shopping Carts:

  • Order Management - View your customer orders and edit if stock is not available.
  • Customer Accounts - Manage your customer accounts
  • Stock Control - Keep an clear and consise record of your stock
  • Integration - Access and connect your customer and Inventory data
  • Payments - Payment gateways and SSL certficates

There are a number of key benefits to ecommerce:

  • Low cost - Direct sales are cheaper than traditional retail stores, eliminates processing errors and is faster and more convienient for customers. 
  • 24/7  - Allows customers to purchase any time, day or location without any contraints. 
  • Niche Products - Opens the market to everyone looking for your products. 

Benefits to Customers

  • Easy to use and research products
  • No conflict or resolution required to sort out invoicing / order problems
  • Simple to purchase products